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  • 1 Pr Muay Thai Heavy Bag Gloves   
  • 1 Pr Muay Thai MMA Training Gloves    
  • 1 Pr Muay Thai Shin & Instep Guards  
  • 1 Pr Classic Weave 180” Hand Wraps

The TITLE Muay Thai Set is the perfect accompaniment of and combination of professional training equipment for MMA, kickboxing, combat athletes and boxers.  Complete with Muay Thai Heavy Bag Gloves that are specifically designed to enable speed, protection and shock-absorption during heavy bag workouts with high-density, shock-absorbing padding evenly distributed throughout the gloves.  MMA Training Gloves include high-density, elite, shock-absorbing curved padding evenly distributed over the fist and throughout the glove, including the wrist, were added for enhanced protection during grappling, ground training, sparring and more.  The Muay Thai Shin & Instep Guards are specifically designed to enable execution, delivery and shock-absorption during training. High-density, elite, multi-layer, anatomically curved, shock-absorbing padding is specifically manufactured to protect athletes from intense kicks during training and sparring.  Also includes 180” Classic Weave Hand Wraps for all the fist and knuckle protection demanded for heavy and intense training.  This is the ideal set for all Muay Thai and MMA athletes that demand professional equipment and the tops in training